Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Victorian Literature Still Matters

by Philip Davis

Engaging and fast-moving focus on nineteenth century texts, both major and lesser known. Argus for the continued interest and use of this literature, teasing out ambiguities and ambitious subtext from such narratives. Puts a lot of focus on the plots and religious components in these works, and makes a strong case for their status as continuing cultural legacy and patterns of engagement with major ideas.

Better than: Reading After Theory by Valentine Cunningham
Worse than: The Future of Theory by Jean-Michel Rabate

All three volumes are part of the Blackwell Manifestos series. Fairly good range of topics and focus oveall, although some work a lot better than others, and there’s a few other volumes in this series that I didn’t finish due to being overly simplistic and unappealing as introductions.

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