Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard

by J. G. Ballard

None of the stories blew me away, but there were some interesting situations and fine pieces of writing in there. Interesting the way questions of apocalyptic collapse develop so often, and in a somewhat distinctive fashion. High quality of individual writing and well formed characters within the limits of length, giving a real sense of complex personages. The actual events weren’t generally engagign enough, though, seeming to balance out their main oomph in a way that was relatively satisfying but didn’t strike the note of real excellence or innovation. At points I was distant enough from the text to admire without liking them, more commonly I was drawn in but not left hugely benefited by the end of the tale.

Better than: Welcome to the Monkeyhouse by Kurt Vonnegut
Worse than: City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff Vandermeer

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