Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heterotopia: Postmodern Utopia and the Body Politics ed

edited by Tobin Siebers

A collection of articles, highly uneven in category, but with enough quality to make the book worthwhile. Also benefits from some fasinating concepts, and a very interesting linking of different subfields and specific ideas. One of the most referenced texts within the book is Donna Haraghway’s article "A Cyborg Manifesto", and its call for a broader approach to understanding what is human, in the academic philosophical sense.

Some of the articles are rather flat, but there is ultimately enough interesting material in here for a number of well formed arguments and a multitude of intriguing question. The best piece is probably the last one, an article by Delazny that really centers the question on the body and gender, and is overall an excellently written and deeply engaging piece of prose.

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