Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving Pictures

Terry Pratchett

Another in my slow exploration of the Discworld. A cut bellow average, from what I’ve seen. Overall it’s creative and funny, and some particularly clever setups in the beginning and very end of the novel. As usual it has good energy and an impressive array of details used to build a sense of credibility even amongst the manifest silliness that the book revels in.

However I didn't connect with the new characters very much, 'Cut me own Throat''s shtick went on a bit too long, and I continue to find the Wizard scenes generally unengaging. As well, I was never wholly sold on the 'movie as Lovecraftian horror' and found it didn't work as well as a lot of the x in Discworld formulas. The may be some potential for really great and pointed satire lurking in the premise, but as it was expressed here the results are a bit lukewarm.

Worse than: Eric by Terry Pratchett
Better than: The Future of Work by Scott Adams

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